Why Sugar Is So Dangerous

December 13, 2014 admin nutrition

Most people are well aware that consuming excessive sugar is bad for their health. However, what most people are not quite aware of is exactly why putting all of that sugar in their bodies is so bad for them. Eating some sugar, like that naturally found in fruits, is not going to damage the body, in fact the body requires sugar to survive. But the amounts that are being consumed by at least fifty percent of American’s, 180 pounds per year, are extremely dangerous.

Some researchers, dietitians, and scientists have found that sugar has contributed to thirty-five thousand deaths worldwide every year. These sugar related deaths are brought on by things like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Too much sugar can cause a disruption in the way that the body creates and accepts insulin which can lead to pancreatic cancer. In women, sugar can also lead to ovarian cancer. Obesity rates in adolescents have triple in the past thirty years and childhood obesity rates have doubled.

It has recently been found that some people’s addiction to sugar may be genetic, in the same way that alcoholism can be genetic. When people are addicted to sugar and ingest too much of it, or if they ingest too much even without having an addiction, it can cause dangerous things like tooth decay, appendicitis, food allergies, emphysema, headaches, cataracts, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, gallstones, arthritis, alcoholism, anxiety, crankiness, and an inability to concentrate. Excess sugar can also cause things like changes in metabolism, liver damage, raised blood pressure, and it can also interfere in the signals sent by hormones.

Sugar can also suppress the immune system, which means illnesses can be easier to contract and more difficult to recover from. Additionally, when adolescents and children ingest too much of the sugars contained in soft drinks it leads to them drinking less milk, meaning less calcium, which leads to weaker bones and prevents them from spending more time outdoors.

Excessive sugar, specifically fructose, can also lead to liver damage due to the fact that fructose and glucose are metabolized in extremely different ways. Fructose is metabolized solely by your liver. Sugar can also increase the amount of liver fat and increase the size of the liver as a whole by causing the division of liver cells.

In pregnant women, sugar increases the risk of early delivery and increases the risk of delivering an infant that is small for its gestational age. In women, sugar also plays a large role in the development of pancreatic cancer and can make the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Also, in men, sugar can decrease the amount of testosterone that is naturally produced.

In the field of extreme diseases, sugar increases the risks of lung cancer, polio, prostate cancer, breast cancer, intestinal cancer, laryngeal cancer, brain decay, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, endometrial cancer, and renal cell cancer.

Visually, aside from the obvious weight gain that can be caused, sugar bring about acne and makes it difficult to get rid of. It also causes sagging skin, wrinkles, and rosacea. The more sugar you ingest, the higher the risk that you’ll develop a resistance to insulin, which can result in extra hair growth and dark spots on the skin. Sugar can also cause yeast imbalances. Yeast imbalances can lead to redness and rashes on all parts of the body, but especially the face.

If you’re one of the people who does enjoy a sugar loaded snack every once in a while, do try to limit the size of the item or the frequency that you eat it. Additionally, when you do go ahea and satisfy that craving, make sure you drink plenty of water with it to wash out all of the toxins.

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