Top 6 Important Things to Know About Colon Cleansing

August 21, 2013 admin nutrition

Colon cleansing, commonly known as colon therapy is a medical process, which is followed to remove stool and other harmful toxins from the colon. Generally, enzymes, enemas, laxative medicines, dietary supplements and herbal teas are used to clean the colon.

The idea here is to detoxify the body by helping the good bacteria (present in colon) to flourish through cleansing. No other medicine is there to use for this purpose and that is why a huge number of people still try this process when detoxification seems important. The process also helps in removing toxins from the intestinal tracks, along with the colon.

Is Colon Cleansing Important

Sometimes the undigested food, especially meat, creates a kind of mucus membrane over the colon-walls and produces toxin. This toxin then mixes with the blood and poisons our body.

Often it happens that we do not realize what is going on inside, but later this result in serious health problems. This is quite a safe and natural process (without any such side effects) to remove impurities from the body and to stay healthy for a long time. However, this process should not be followed frequently and one must consult with a physician every time he or she goes for colon cleansing.

People often confuse colon cleansing with colonoscopy, but these two are very different processes. Colonoscopy is done under the instruction of a physician but one can try colon cleansing at home, simply following a doctor’s suggestion.

When do you Need Colon Therapy or Colon Cleansing

Your doctor may suggest colon cleansing if you experience the following symptoms. If there are harmful toxins in your colon, you will face:

  • Constipation. When the colon is healthy, one eliminates at least once, but in case of any issues, you do not experience bowel movement even for a week or long.
  •  It becomes difficult to digest food and symptoms like acidity or vomiting is frequent.
  • Sometimes you notice skin rashes, nausea or allergy and it means that the toxin has already mixed with the blood, which needs to be cleaned.
  • Colon cleansing is also important to flush out fecal matter, yeast, mucous from the colon.

Is Colon Therapy a Safe Process?

Several medical reports admit the fact that colon therapy is a safe way to detoxify the colon.

Often natural objects and clinically approved medicines are suggested by the physicians to complete the process at home. However, some patients feel nervous and they need the help of an expert. Well, do not forget to check that the person is a certified therapist and he/she has relevant experience in this field.

How Effective is this Process?

One may need colon cleansing at certain time gap or in case he or she changes hos or her daily diet chart. Whatever the reason is, colon cleansing proves to be an effective solution in every respect. It is a pain free and easy process, which is less messy and more thorough. If compared with other forms of cleaning, colon therapy generally gives more satisfying result than the other methods.

What is a Colon Cleansing Diet?

A colon cleansing diet is a combination of different food items that one takes everyday to remove toxins and mucous from the colon on daily basis.

It mainly consists of fiber and laxative types of food that increases bowel movement and detoxifies the colon. Doctors suggest that if one can follow the diet properly, he or she does not need to go for medical colon cleansing. Fiber is the main component of this diet, which combines with fermented foods, green foods, and plenty of water.

Oats and flax seeds are considered as authentic source of fiber, but other food items like apples, strawberry, peas, beans and rice also serve the purpose. We get both insoluble and soluble fiber from these foods, both of which are important to clean the colon properly everyday.

We must include fermented foods like yogurt, kefir and green foods like spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa and others in the diet chart. Along with these, one must drink at least 3 liters of water regularly and water intake should be proportionate with the amount of food being taken. For example, one must drink eight glasses of water after taking 125 pounds of food.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing

There are several benefits of colon cleansing, but the most important ones need to be said. The digestive system becomes more effective if the colon is thoroughly clean. In addition, when we have an effective digestive system it becomes easier to absorb necessary food nutrients.

Furthermore, a clean colon also means toxin free and rejuvenated body, which is what we all need. Along with this, colon cleansing also proves beneficial for weight loss, to increase concentration, to reduce chances of colon cancer and to preserve pH balance in our bloodstream.

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